Arribas: Juventus got 3 at the Bernabéu, everything can happen in football

Pumas will appeal to what Juventus did in the Santiago Bernabéu in the Champions League when they scored three goals against Real Madrid and stayed close to comeback. The difference is that they want to complete that feat against America at the Estadio Azteca, for which they need at least four goals without receiving one in return. "The team has it almost impossible, but also Juventus put a 0-3 at the Bernabéu, so you do not know, everything can happen in football, it's beautiful and the team will go to the front. Whatever happens we will be very united, "said Alejandro Arribas at the end of the game against the Eagles.

For the attempt of comeback, the university players ask for the support of their fans, because they believe that there is a possibility of beating America in their own court. "It's complicated. Once we were leaving a few fans believed that the insults would help us and it is not, I think the vast majority of the stadium has supported us and that is what they have to do. We must remember that the last tournament was finished last and now the Liguilla was classified, so I encourage you to support us in the Azteca. We know that the result is very adverse, but in football everything can happen and we are going to look for the result in the Azteca, "insisted the Spaniard.Bet on your favourite team with our VIP betting picks.

Among the blue-and-white players there is no defeatist environment, even though the tie is uphill. "We have to digest this defeat, we have two more days and we have to take this forward for us, for what it represents Pumas and for that pride we have. "It is not impossible, surely we will have the support of many people and we will try to reverse, it is because of the pride we have, because of the heart we play with and we can give it back", added Alfredo Saldívar. The positive message goes from men of experience to young people. Marcelo Diaz was one of the most enthusiastic, who says that they will not lower their arms.

"I want to make it clear that we are still standing, that we are alive. In football I have had to live many things and I think everything is possible. We are going to rest those days and on Saturday we will go to the Azteca to try to turn around, "he said.